Our Programs
01. Think On Point

On Point serves youth in schools and various community settings through our programming. Youth typically enter On Point through our five-hour wellness and risk avoidance program, Think On Point.

02. Life On Point

Teens who wish to go deeper, join weekly mentor groups called Life On Point. Facilitators utilize our evidence-informed curricula to develop social-emotional awareness, equipping them to make healthy choices for their futures.

03. Graduate On Point

Students who need additional assets to graduate, join the Graduate On Point cohort at their school to receive strategic support. On Point works alongside school administrators to assist them with credit recovery, and facilitating healthy communication with their positive support network.

04. Community School

Select schools receive an On Point staff member to help meet student and community needs on a daily basis. On Point Community School Coordinators work alongside school administrators and community partners to cultivate a positive support network for students and their families.

05. Teen Advisory Board

High school student leaders serve as a voice both to us and for us. Students from public and private schools submit applications to join this leadership Board. The existing Teen Advisory Board conducts interviews and selects service-minded individuals to come alongside their initiatives.


On Point offers trainings and seminars for both students and adults. With sessions ranging from Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) to the Student DISC to Social Media Awareness we are here to help support you and the youth you serve. On Point has counselors, psychotherapists, mentors, mindfulness and yoga practitioners on staff. We can customize sessions to fit your needs.

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